Allen Bell presented NEW MUSIC

For the moment New Music with Allen Bell is on hold and we want to thank Allen for all the help and assistance in the past.

Phuket Island Radio was very excited to welcome Allen Bell to our presenter show format with his unique show NEW MUSIC.

Allen says:

After many years of playing songs by successful, established artists, it occurred to me that there are hundreds of talented musicians who do not get the recognition they so richly deserve.   

Allen goes on to say that these artists, many of whom are independent and pay for their own recordings and promotion, do not have a big, hit-making machine in their corner.

What excites me each week about producing New Music for Phuket Island Radio, is discovering and sharing fresh talent from all over the globe.

New Music is Global

Singer-songwriters from around the World and countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Romania, England, Scotland, Canada and the United States have all been featured on New Music and there are many more in line to be featured.

Allen and Phuket island radio are encouraging listeners that after hearing a new artist or song while listening to New Music on Phuket Island Radio, to search the internet and learn more about these musicians we try as often as not to feature the artist in our Music news and New Music profiles.

Recently we have featured Johnson Crook from Toronto, Canada HERE and Madison Mueller HERE

You can also read more about Allen Bell HERE 

If you are hungry to hear something original and different, let New Music and Phuket Island Radio whet your appetite. Every Sunday at 10PM.

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See you in Phuket.

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NEW MUSIC wwas broadcast throughout Phuket every Sunday evening from 10 pm on 91.5 & 102.5 FM with an hour of quality new artists.

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