Motocross is a form of motorcycle racing on off-road circuits in all weather – a physically demanding sport.

We hear from the two-time national motocross champion Adrienne Cooper whose career is now over at the age of just 27 after she lost her kidney.

However, the loss of that kidney was a deliberate act.

Motocross Super star.

One hour after meeting 10-year-old Logan Carson, Adrienne decided to gift her kidney to him, saving his life and in the process terminating her career early.

Logan contracted strep throat, a common childhood illness, but his case got serious as bacteria from the strep got into his bloodstream.

He nearly died and lost an eye, a leg, and several fingers as a result. He also suffered complete kidney failure and would need a kidney transplant.

We speak to our motocross super stat Adrienne from her home in Arizona.

Home Advantage:

Where better to spend a weekend watching the Rugby World Cup than in the presence of a former winner of the competition?

Former England star Lewis Moody has done just that and we find out what his guests can expect.

Moody is known for the enthusiasm with which he plays the game, his willingness to chase down opponents and his ability to compete for possession at restarts, earning him the nickname “Mad Dog” from teammates and supporters.

However, he has been criticised for a tendency to give away reckless penalties at the breakdown, which has been attributed by his supporters to his being played out of position at openside rather than blindside flanker.

Historically, the blindside flanker should be of a larger physique than the openside, and invariably the other flanker on the field is larger than Moody.

Poetry in Motion:

In the latest in our series of Putting the ART in Football, we hear from the poet of a Scottish football team on the lyrical beauty of the game and his muse, the team he loves.

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