The bionic eye

The bionic eye is no longer being produced

Imagine receiving the latest medical implant that can partially restore your vision, a bionic eye, now imagine the technology behind your implant no longer being produced or supported.

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That’s what happened to about 350 patients around the world, as the medical start-up company behind a particular implant called Second Sight Medical Products has hit financial difficulties.

Bionic eye technology

Eliza Strickland and Mark Harris from IEEE Spectrum first reported on the story and tell us what happened. iPhone 13 Pro Max – the latest in ophthalmic medicine? As recently as February 2021, the medical journal “The Lancet” reported that

“Almost everyone will experience impaired vision or an eye condition during their lifetime and require eye care services”.

Chances are then, that at some point, you’ll be visiting an eye doctor. But what sort of equipment would you expect them to use to examine your eyes? Well, you might be surprised, as our reporter Fern Lulham found out. This is the final in Fern’s series on blind tech.

What might happen with our COVID data?

Since the pandemic started, an unprecedented amount of data about our health and our whereabouts has been collected by governments and private companies – but what will happen to this data and do we have any control over it?

Dr Stephanie Hare is about to publish her new book “Technology Is Not Neutral: A Short Guide to Technology Ethics” where she discusses this problem.

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