African wild dog

African wild dog one of the most endangered mammals

The African wild dog was considered vermin.

As a great African predator and a hot-spot on safari, it is hard to believe that only last century.

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It’s beautiful coat of painted strokes makes it undeniably distinctive.

Yet out in the field, this animal is hard to find.

Yes, it camouflages easily against the landscape, but years of persecution, bounties and unintentional trappings means it’s now one of the most endangered mammals on the planet.

Revelations about its reliance on the pack for protection, predation and parenting means every dog matters in its bid for survival.

How can we further stop numbers of the African wild dog dwindling?

Adam Hart and guests investigate the tools and tales of the magnificent painted wolf. Dr Dani Rabaiotti, zoologist at the Zoological Society of London, and David Kuvawoga and Jealous Mpofu, conservationists at Painted Dog Conservation in Zimbabwe.

Picture Credit Charles J. Sharp – Own work, from Sharp Photography, sharpphotography

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