The weirdness of water part 2

Welcome to Discovery, the weirdness of water, this is part 2 of a 3 part series with presenters Hannah Fry & Adam Rutherford.

Part 1, Water do you understand it? Zooming in and out of water is available for you to follow the whole series.

This programme is available NOW on Demand on the BBC Discovery Page and is available until Tuesday 11th January. It will also broadcast on Sunday the 9th of January in Phuket at 8:30 AM on 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM and Online via the Internet radio portals.

“I don’t really understand why water has so many properties on different scales ranging from very large and cosmic to very small quantum and quirky – Could you help by zooming in and out on the water to explain what is known about it?

Asks Neil Morton in Stirling.

“Why does boiling water sound different to cold water?’

asks Barbara Dyson in Brittany in France.

Ollie Gordon, in Christchurch in New Zealand, wants to know ‘why water is essential for all life as we know it?’

And many more questions on the weirdness of water are tackled by super-science sleuths Hannah and Adam helped by quantum physicist Professor Patricia Hunt, at the Victoria University in Wellington in New Zealand, science writer and author of ‘H2O – a biography of water’ Philip Ball and physicist and bubble expert in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UCL, Dr Helen Czerski.

Presenters: Hannah Fry & Adam Rutherford Producer: Fiona Roberts