inhaled Covid vaccine

The 1st nasal Covid vaccine

China has approved the first nasal Covid vaccine inhaled up the nose.

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James Gallagher, BBC Health and Science correspondent explains how a sniffed vaccine primes the immune system.

More on the nasal Covid vaccine

Two needle-free COVID-19 vaccines that are delivered through the nose or mouth have been approved for use in China and India. China’s new vaccine, announced on Sunday, is a nasal Covid vaccine inhaled through the nose and mouth as an aerosolized mist, and India’s, announced on Tuesday, is administered as drops in the nose.

Plus Claudia hears about the health consequences of a ban on abortion in some US states for young women who develop a breast cancer diagnosis during pregnancy.

Professor Virginia Borges and Assistant Professor Nicole Christian from the University of Colorado explain the difficult decisions women are having to make.

And the resolution of the mystery pneumonia identified in Argentina.

Presenter: Claudia Hammond Producer: Erika Wright

(Picture: Coronavirus image. Credit: fotograzia / Getty Images)

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