Phuket Kindness

A Phuket Kindness test – the results

An Update: Using the results of the Kindness Test, in which 60,000 people took part, Claudia Hammond asks whether we are kinder to people who we think are like us?

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And what happens once we move beyond family and friends to acquaintances and strangers.

What can the evidence tell us about who it is that we choose to be kind to and why?

BBC Health Check is presented by Claudia Hammond Producer: Erika Wright

When was the last time you did something really kind for someone or someone else did something really kind for you?

This week on BBC Heath Check that is the question from Cladia Hammond. However, we are going to ask the same question this week on Phuket FM Radio.

Claudia Hammond and guests are looking at the place of kindness in today’s world, asking what it really means, what happens in our brains when we act kindly and whether there can ever be a role for it in the cut-throat worlds of business and politics.

She hears what kindness means to people in Kenya, Chile and in the UK. And with many aspects of kindness remaining under-researched, with your help Claudia and Robin Banerjee, Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Sussex, are asking you to fill in the gaps by taking part in the Kindness Test.

Presenter: Claudia Hammond Producer: Erika Wright

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Phuket Kindness

Although the world might not feel like a very kind place at the moment, this might be just the time when acts of kindness matter the most.

This week on Health Check, Claudia Hammond reveals the results of the world’s largest public science project on Kindness.

With over 60,000 participants from 144 countries, this unique study helps to fill some of the research gaps and learn more about how kindness is viewed within society at large.

What is kindness?

Are we more or less kind than before? Where do acts of kindness take place? Are certain types of people kinder than others? Is kindness good for us?

Professor Robin Bannerjee, University of Sussex, led the study and joins Claudia in the studio to unpick the results.

BBC Health Check is presented by: Claudia Hammond and the producer: Samara Linton

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