Taylor Swift Strikes Back

Taylor Swift Strikes Back & hits No 1 in the UK.

This week Taylor Swift topped the UK Top 40 compiled by the BBC in London. Featured in the Saturday and Sunday re-run of Top of the Pops right here on Phuket Island Radio.

Meanwhile, one of the biggest names in pop music (whether we like it or not) is back. This time around, she’s come armed with fiery imagery and snarky put-downs for everyone who is sick and tired of Taylor Swift and her games.

First off, she comes for Kanye and her disgust of his “tilted stage.” She doesn’t cast a Kanye-lookalike in the video, but in the end, she does play herself as the doe-eyed young girl on stage at the VMAs holding the moon man that night.

The video is also full of snake imagery, which Kim Kardashian branded Taylor with when she memorably “exposed” Taylor’s lies by playing a phone conversation between Swift and her hubby, in which Taylor gave her blessing for the mention of her on his controversial track, “Famous.”

Much of the video looks and feels like diet Beyoncé, with Taylor strutting and posing like Queen Bey, but lacking any of the actual talent and dance skills to pull it off. But I’ll give her credit, the make-up artist and wardrobe designer put in work for this video.

Taylor Swift Strikes Back

I’m not sure I got the dominatrix outfit and scene though. It lent an aggressively sexual undertone that didn’t ladder up to anything more significant.

As for her most prominent female foe, Taylor dons a cat mask and wears a Tiger shirt (hello, “Roar”) as she smashes things with a bat. The sad thing is, Katy Perry has tapped out of this beef and softened her stance already by turning her “Swish Swish” Swift diss track into something pathetically toothless, so all of this fire from Taylor directed at Katy is wasted energy anyway.

Taylor Swift Strikes Back

The end of the video finds the many versions of Taylor throughout her career justifying and mimicking many of the complaints people have about her celebrity persona, including the most prominent one about her always playing the victim or acting surprised.

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