Chinese Con-man arrested in Phuket

A Chinese man who donated 34 million baht to a Phuket temple in July has been arrested along with two other Chinese nationals for their roles in a pyramid scheme that reportedly duped people out of a total of 9 billion baht in China and Malaysia. In making the arrests, police seized cash and assets valued at more than 240mn baht, including at least 11 land titles for properties in Phuket.

It was Mr. Zhangs 34mn-baht donation to a Phuket temple that led to his downfall, Col Saman explained. In July, Mr. Zhang became a monk for a few days at Charoen Samanakij temple, which is also known as to be approved, Col Saman explained. We will charge them with presenting false documents to officials and using fake ID cards. Then we will hand them over to Chinese authorities.

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