The Thai Hammam Experience

A world first, the Thai Hammam Experience is exclusive to Amatara Resort and Wellness, right here in Phuket.

I had the enviable pleasure of visiting the stunning grounds of the Amatara Wellness Centre to indulge in the experience.

Traditionally, the Hammam is a Moroccan steam room, similar to a Turkish bath that Morrocans would attend each week in a cleansing ritual. The Hammam is an ancient and integral part of the Morrocan culture and a staple in everyday communal living.

It is the place where people would go to socialize, gossip, even do business. Amatara Resort and Wellness have recreated this magical experience with a Thai influence, utilizing traditional, 100% natural Thai herbal and healing products for the ultimate indulgent experience.

From the moment I entered the grounds of Amatara Resort and Wellness, the beautifully landscaped gardens and sounds of trickling water features made me stop, take a breath, and relax.

Walking through the grounds, I enter the recently completed Wellness Centre to be greeted by a gracious smile and a cup of herbal water with fresh lime.

A beautiful welcome to the Hammam journey.

Herbal Water

I was booked in for the 3 pm session and right on time, my therapist came to greet me and take me down into the private change rooms. I was offered a bathrobe, slippers, and bikini set to wear during the experience.

The incredible bathing rooms are a sight to behold. Built and designed by a team that traveled from Bulgaria and specializes in spas.

The Thai Hammam journey begins with a traditional sauna.

My therapist gently led me into the sauna to sit, relax and sweat out all the stresses of life. After ten minutes and in delightful contrast to the heat of the sauna, I was led into a cool rain shower, the water gently pouring like rain from the top of the shower room as well as the walls.

The Thai herbal steam room followed.

The room was infused with Thai floral aromas, traditionally used to help aid the respiratory system and the skin. I could feel my whole body soak in the aromas and the steam in an ultimately relaxing experience, before cooling off in the rain shower again.

I was then invited into a truly stunning room, the Hammam room. This room, specifically designed and built with the utmost quality and comfort in mind, maintains traditional spa features. The walls glisten like jewels as you recline on the internally heated stone bed, ready for a black soap massage.

The black soap is a 100% natural, organic soap made from olive and argan oil and either eucalyptus or neroli essential oils. This is applied to your whole body, followed by 5-minute herbal steam to soak in all the beneficial properties. Back on the hot stone bed, my therapist washed all the soap off my body in a gentle rinse, before a deep exfoliation using a special single-use Kessa glove. After which, I was completely rinsed and enjoyed a shampoo, condition, and head massage.

An ice-cool down follows I was offered a bowl of crushed ice to put on my skin. The hot/cold contrast is what makes this experience extra special and is hugely beneficial for the immune system. It was then time for the mud therapy. The mud was applied over my whole body by my therapist after which I could relax and let it absorb as gentle steam infused the room.

After rinsing off with a cool shower, I was led into the salt cave therapy room. The walls in the beautifully designed room are made from Himalayan salt bricks. A salt generator gradually releases a fine mist into the air.

This is a truly special room that has a unique energy to it as I took time to soak it all in, leaving me feeling completely relaxed, energized, and glowing.

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