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Artificial intelligence semiconductor tech and China

The Biden administration announced a monumental policy shift earlier this month, set to limit and control the exportation of artificial intelligence and semiconductor technologies to China.

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The restrictions will block leading U.S. chip designers from accessing the Chinese market; selling goods that form the backbone of artificial intelligence and supercomputing.

Artificial intelligence could potentially ‘strangle’ Chinese technology

Gregory Allen from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies explains how these actions could potentially ‘strangle’ large segments of the Chinese technology industry.

Whilst access to the World Wide Web becomes ever more integral to modern-day life, the digital divide is growing.

Africa and the Americas have the slowest internet

Those residing in Africa and the Americas appear to have the least affordable, least reliable and slowest internet.

Elena Babarskaite at Surfshark, a VPN service company located in the Netherlands, unpicks their latest investigation into our Digital Quality of Life.

In one Ghana household, an AI-powered chatbot tutor called Rori, developed by Rising Academies, helps its student stay up to date with his favourite subject, maths.

Lucinda Rouse hears how this smart teacher, available through Whatsapp, could soon reach 200,000 children across West Africa, bypassing expensive tuition fees.

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(Image: Semiconductor and circuit board. Credit: Getty Images)

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