internet shutdowns

Do internet shutdowns get you down?

Internet shutdowns have been a global issue for many years, and Digital Planet has reported on many of them, from Cuba and Myanmar to Iran.

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A new United Nations Human Rights Office (OHCHR) report now warns of the dramatic real-life effects. Gareth speaks to Peggy Hicks, one of the authors of the report, about how internet shutdowns impact the lives of millions worldwide.

In addition, Rest of World journalist Peter Guest, and #KeepItOn campaign manager at AccessNow, Felicia Anthonio, join live in the studio to discuss why internet shutdowns occur, and whether they have changed over time.

Quantum-safe algorithms The encryption methods we currently use to keep our data safe and secure could be a thing of the past soon. Experts expect quantum computers to be able to crack these encryption codes quite easily in the future, which could have devastating consequences.

After a six-year selection process, the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the United States has chosen four initial algorithms for their quantum-safe cryptography standards.

Gareth speaks to Anne Dames, an engineer at IBM, where three of the final four were developed. Mobile app for tinnitus Hearing a ringing or buzzing in your ear can be very difficult to deal with.

Tinnitus apps

A number of mobile tinnitus apps are now promising help.

One of them, called TinniBot, even includes an AI chatbot that provides support whenever it is needed.

Our reporter Fern Lulham has been finding out more.

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