The Cougar is a big cat with many names

What do you know about the Cougar? Continuing with our Tooth and Claw series, this week the Cougar.

Hiding in the shadows across the American continent lives a big cat with many names.

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From puma to mountain lion to panther to cougar, this animal is carnivorous, and cunning and uses stealth to silently ambush its prey.

The Cougar is a cold-hearted killer.

Its elusiveness and brutal attacking style have earnt it the reputation of a cold-hearted killer.

But behind this façade, hidden camera footage has revealed the cougar is all about caring for their family.

And its silent whispering amongst the trees could actually be saving human lives.

Adam Hart and guests uncover the mysteries of the ‘ghost of the forest’ and break its merciless stereotype.

Dr Laura Prugh, associate Professor of Quantitative Wildlife Sciences at the University of Washington, and Dr Mark Elbroch, ecologist and director of the Panthera programme in Washington USA.

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