deep sea

Exploring the deep sea life in the ocean depths

UCL oceanographer Helen Czerski explores life in the ocean depths with a panel of deep sea biologists.

Update to last weeks programme where Dr Kevin Fong convenes a panel of astronautical minds to discuss the next decade or two of space exploration and now week go into the deep sea.

A panel of deep sea biologists.

They take us to deep ocean coral gardens on seamounts, to extraordinary hydrothermal vent ecosystems teeming with weird lifeforms fed by chemosynthetic microbes, to the remarkable biodiversity in the muds of the vast abyssal plains.

This programme is available NOW on Demand on the BBC Discovery Page and is available until Tuesday 22nd February. It will also broadcast on Sunday the 20th February in Phuket at 8:30 AM on 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM and Online via the Internet radio portals.

Helen’s guests are Adrian Glover of the Natural History Museum in London, Kerry Howell of Plymouth University and Alex Rogers, scientific director of REV Ocean.

They discuss the dramatic revelations made by deep ocean explorers in just the last forty years, and the profound connections that the deep sea floor has with life at the Earth’s surface.

They also consider the threats to the ecosystems down there from seabed mining and climate change.

BBC Discovery is produced by Andrew Luck-Baker

Picture: Black smoker hydrothermal vents, Credit: Science Photo Library

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