A vaccine for the world? CORBEVAX

Now being produced in India, CORBEVAX is grown in yeast, similarly to several other widely available vaccines.

The technology used to make it is far simpler and more readily available than that used to produce mRNA vaccines. In theory, CORBEVAX could be produced cheaply in large quantities and go a long way to addressing the problems of Covid19 vaccine availability globally.

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It was developed by a Baylor College of Medicine team in Texas, including Maria Elena Bottazzi.

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs are thought to have emerged in repose to the use of antibiotics. However, the discovery of a superbug living on the skin of hedgehogs has challenged this view.

The superbug is thought to live with hedgehogs long before antibiotics were discovered. Jesper and Anders Larsen at the Danish State Serum Institute in Copenhagen explain.

Modifying viruses and infecting or killing pest organisms is an attractive proposition. However, there are concerns over what might happen when released, particularly their ability to mutate and evolve, says Filippa Lentzos from Kings College Department of Global Health and Social Medicine in London.

And The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew have released the names of over 200 new species of plants and fungi discovered last year. Mycologist Tuula Niskanen and botanist Martin Cheek tell us more.

A vaccine for the world? CORBEVAX on Science In Action was presented by Roland Pease and produced by Julian Siddle.

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Omicron contains more mutations than previous variants, and also a study from Hong Kong university shows the Omicron Covid Variant replicates 70 times faster than two earlier variants of the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

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