Thailand minting hub in South East Asia

A strategic partnership in Thailand and between the world’s leading export mint and the Treasury Department of Thailand to cover a number of mutually beneficial projects.

The Royal Mint has signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement (TCA) with the Treasury Department of Thailand at the Royal Thai Embassy in London.

The Royal Mint has a long-standing relationship and cooperation with the Treasury Department of Thailand that includes the regular supply of circulating coin blanks to the Royal Thai Mint. The Royal Mint is currently supplying coin blanks to the Royal Thai Treasury for the 1 Baht denomination having signed a c £8 million contract in August 2014.

The TCA incorporates a series of projects that will see The Royal Mint sharing the benefits of more than 1,000 years of manufacturing history and experience, focused on technical skills and coin management training. The institutions hope that this expert knowledge will help to establish Thailand as the regional hub for minting and coin management in South East Asia within the next three years.

Thailand and the Roayal Mint

The TCA is also focused on improving and promoting minting as an industry, as well as effective coin management in the neighboring ASEAN countries. In order to enhance and improve the capabilities and efficiencies of the Royal Thai Mint, the technical training will focus on all aspects of production, including packaging development, medal production, and the striking of circulating and commemorative coins.

An important and exciting project of the Agreement is a joint agreed strategic plan to introduce circulating coins in Asia, focussing on the neighboring countries to Thailand and based upon a collaborative offering of products and services from The Royal Mint and the Treasury Department of Thailand.

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