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Retro Radio Show

The Retro Radio Show presented by Andy Henly

Sunday and a re-run on Monday evening

Start Time Sunday 10:00 and Monday 20.00
Finish Time Noon on Sunday and 22.00 on Monday’s.

We are delighted to welcome Andy Henly with another knockout show The Retro Radio Show.

Andy has been presenting a Saturday afternoon show Big Ones and New Ones for the last four years and now we get Andy twice a week.

Retro Radio Show music policy.

The Retro Radio Show will play a diverse music playlist centred around the 1980s and 1990s. The music heard is mostly upbeat, and plays a genre-crossing mix of CHR music of the time. Including pop, rock, disco, dance and early electronic, soul, power ballads, post-punk, new wave, old school hip hop, and not forgetting college rock, grunge, brit-pop, indie, and breakdance.

Spanning decades and having fun is the show theme. Retro Radio looks back into the 80’s and 90’s with the show broadcasting on a Sunday from Noon. Now don’t worry, if you miss it we re-broadcast it on a Monday at 8 PM.

Radio Shows now On-Demand

However, as always we lead from the front and the Retro Radio Show is now available On-Demand.  Click the Link HERE or scroll down the page and listen to this weeks show when you want.

Furthermore, Andy will play more hits-based in comparison and with his superior music knowledge you can rest assured therefore that you will have two hours of wonderful entertainment.

The music playlists and music library will reflect what was played on the United Kingdom, and American, radio stations of the era, and perhaps a few other countries.

The energy and presentation produced by Andy are especially relevant and makes us very proud at Phuket Island Radio to have someone like Andy with so much experience in broadcasting and a music knowledge as part of our team.

Retro Radio Show remembers Mobile Phones like this.
A real retro record player.
A retro record deck. We are not sure if this is what Andy is using to produce his shows, but we will soon know as it’s very hard to get scratches on a CD.
Black and white photography, do you remember not having colour. Can you recall the Black and white TV? How about no central heating and coal fires, the list goes on.

Now available On-Demand

The Retro Radio Show is now available On-Demand, just click the link below and enjoy this weeks show.

The Retro Radio Show on Phuket FM Radio Hour 1.

Press PLAY and listen to this weeks show 

Press PLAY and listen to this weeks show 

The Retro Radio Show

 Programme 89.

 Sept 13th 2019 – Sept 19th 2019

Hour One

Song,  Tears for Fears, Change

Song,  David Bowie, Starman

Song,  Bangles, Walking Down Your Street

Song, Donna Summer, On The Radio (12 Inch Remix)

Song, Ultravox, Dancing with tears in my eyes

Song, Elton John, Candle in the wind

Song, Smokey Robinson, Tears of a Clown

Song, ELO, Calling America

Song, East 17 and Gabrielle, If You Ever

Song, Fine Young Cannibals, Johnny Come Home

Song, Madness, Lovestruck

Song, Genesis, Follow You, Follow Me

The Retro Radio Show on Phuket FM Radio Hour 1.

Press PLAY and listen to this weeks show 

Press PLAY and listen to this weeks show 

The Retro Radio Show

 Programme 89.

 Sept 13th 2019 – Sept 19th 2019

Hour Two

Song, Billy Joel, We Didn’t start the fire

Song, Frankie Valli, Grease

Song, Elvis Presley, The Wonder of You

Song, Erasure, Sometimes

Song, Human League, Human

Song David Cassidy, Could it be Forever

Song, Haircut 100, Love Plus One (12 Inch Remix)

Kylie Minogue, Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Song, The Beloved, Hello

Song, Fleetwood Mac, Seven Wonders

Song, Jim Steinman, Rock and roll Dreams

Song, Wilson Philips, Hold On


The Latest news from The Retro Radio Show.

Finally, The Retro Radio Show will broadcast through out Phuket every Monday evening from 8pm on 91.5 & 102.5 FM with two hours we think you won’t want to miss.

Furthermore and definitely finally, you can download the FREE yes FREE mobile apps and tune into all of our shows on your mobiles from anywhere around the world.