Football in the roof of Africa

Football on the Roof of Africa-BBC Sportshour

This week Sportshour is looking at playing Football on the roof of Africa, some Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and New Zealander Alex Hunt playing the ATP tour with a prosthetic arm.

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  • Playing Football on the Roof of Africa. Two women’s teams from 20 countries played a 90-minute football match, 5729 meters above sea level on Mount Kilimanjaro. Their aim was a call for an equal playing field for women in sport. Maggie Murphy played in the match and we speak to her about her experience.

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling just not Football. 

  • GLOW. In the 1980s a new wrestling league was created. It was called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a title that probably wouldn’t be used today. Strong characters and over-the-top comedy sketches were integral to the series’ success. The story of the league has now been made into a new series available online; we speak to one of the first wrestlers, who participated in the first season.
  • Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, also known as GLOW or G.L.O.W., is a women’s professional wrestling promotion that begun in 1986 (the pilot was filmed in December 1985) and continued in various forms after it left television. Colorful characters, strong women, and over-the-top comedy sketches were integral to the series’ success. Most of the performers were actresses, models, dancers, and/or stunt women hoping to enter the show business.

You can read me about GLOW at their Wiki page here

Hunting for Change. Alex Hunt has become the first disabled player to pick up a ranking point on the Men’s Professional Tennis Tour, the ATP. He won his first-round match at an invitational tournament in Guam beating 18-year-old Christopher Cajigan 6-0 6-0. The New Zealander, who was born with only half of his left arm. Alex has to wear a prosthetic arm when he competes.

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As expected, this year’s NBA Playoffs is filled with a lot of drama (as if the regular season wasn’t already