Steps, Hot Chip, and Madonna must be Top of the Pops.

It’s been 25 years since the band Steps enjoyed their very first hit song and since they have become a powerhouse of catchy smash hit tunes.

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25 years with Steps

They are celebrating their first quarter of a century with the greatest hits set and a new tour. We catch up with them for a chat about their amazing success.

Plus, we hear from the electronic band Hot Chip who has returned with their eighth album.

There is music from Madonna, Panic At The Disco and Demi Lovato, plus we feature new hits from Aitch who has teamed up with Ed Sheeran and Blackpink.

We also find out if LF system can extend its run at the top of the singles chart to eight weeks.

Presenter: Kim Robson Editor: Alan Rowett A Rotation Media production for BBC World Service

(Photo: British pop group Steps perform for their Gold-Greatest Hits show, Wembley Arena, 2001 in London. Credit: Dave Hogan/Getty Images)