Covid in Vietnam

Covid in Vietnam Health Check

In 2020 Vietnam ran a successful track and trace system Covid in Vietnam, with very few coronavirus infections and for a long time no deaths at all, while other countries had thousands.

In 2021 things haven’t gone so well and since July strict stay at home, orders have been in place in some cities.

Vietnam, the world’s second-largest coffee exporter, is battling its worst Covid outbreak since the start of the pandemic.

In August, Vietnamese coffee exports fell 8.7% from July to 111,697 tonnes, Reuters reported, citing customs data. Between January and August, Vietnam exported 1.1 million tonnes of coffee — 6.4% lower than a year ago, but coffee export revenue rose 2% to around $2 billion

Nga Pham, a journalist from BBC World News, and software engineer Kevin Vu talk about what life is like in Hanoi and Ho Chi Min City.

Dr Monica Lakhanpaul, Professor of Integrated Community Child Health at University College London, talks to Claudia Hammond about a mystery disease outbreak in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

The symptoms are fever, joint pains, headaches and nausea.

People born prematurely can have an increased risk of developing heart problems later in life.

For the first time, researchers have shown that breast milk can improve heart performance in premature babies. The new study was done by Afif El-Khuffash who looks after premature babies and is a Clinical Professor of Paediatrics at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

And Monica and Claudia discuss the latest research into long Covid in children.

Presenter: Claudia Hammond Producer: Pam Rutherford

(Picture: A resident rides her bicycle near a make-shift barricade in Hanoi during the lockdown to stop the spread of Covid-19. Photo credit: Nhac Nguyen/AFP/Getty Images.)

What is molnupiravir and how does it work to treat COVID-19?

The Australian government has announced it has ordered 300,000 doses of the drug molnupiravir, for treating COVID.

Did SARS-Covid 19 originate in bats?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus, pandemic scientists have tried to pinpoint the exact origin of SARS-CoV-2.

Ebola in Guinea

An international team of researchers has discovered that an outbreak of Ebola in Guinea in February this year was the result of the re-activated Ebola virus.

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