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What are the next generation Covid vaccines

News about new next-generation Covid vaccines that target specific variants is discussed with a studio guest, Dr Ann Robinson.

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Professor Russell Foster talks to Claudia about the science of circadian rhythms and how taking more notice of our body clocks could help us live healthier lives.

Plus anaesthetist Dr Niek Sperna Weiland explains why the inhaled gases used to put us to sleep during operations can be so damaging to the environment.

And how our eyes are a window into the health of our hearts.

Presenter: Claudia Hammond Producer: Erika Wright (Image: A healthcare worker prepares a dose of COVID-19 Vaccine.

Image credit: Morsa Images / Getty Images)

Covid vaccines and a prior infection

In a previous programme, Claudia was joined by Matt Fox, Professor of Global Health at Boston University to discuss evidence investigating a hybrid combination of Covid vaccines and prior infection.

And, vulnerable adults in the UK who are due a booster this autumn should get a new covid vaccine and read about this latest update.

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