PIX instant Payment

Reducing kidnappings using PIX instant Payment

PIX instant payment limits to reduce kidnappings.

Last year the PIX instant payment system was introduced in Brazil.

It currently has 112 million registered users – that’s 62% of the population. It’s proving incredibly popular and is allowing the 40 million unbanked people in the country access to electronic payments.

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Unfortunately, its popularity has also led to significant issues – namely ransom demands by kidnappers that can be paid immediately.

By lowering the payment limit and stopping night payments, it’s hoped this will curb the problem. Silvia Bassi, who runs the tech website The Shift in Brazil, is on the show. Bitcoin mining in Navajo Nation – crypto-colonialism In the past traditional mining often took advantage of local people living near the mine, now something similar may be happening with cryptocurrencies.

A bitcoin mine in the Four Corners region of New Mexico which belongs to the Navajo nation is causing controversy. It consumes enough to power 19,600 homes, yet many local residents lack water and electricity.

The scheme was originally set up with the Navajo’s support but there is opposition from some local people. Mining companies argue though that investing in their schemes will ultimately reap financial rewards for the local people. Reporter Luke Ottenhof is on the show to discuss this story and the rise of crypto-colonialism globally. Is Blockchain creating too much waste?

AI training for top-flight football Our gaming correspondent Chris Berrow reports on the latest tech to train footballers.

Norwich City is the first UK Premiership club to use the Soccerbot360 simulator which claims to replicate real-life match scenarios – enabling players to work on their decision-making. We will soon see if it improves the Canaries’ game.

Last summer, a delegation from the City visited Dortmund to see how this technology is used. The software costs £250K with an annual licensing and support fee that comes out of your budget as it’s not paid by licence fees alone but also contains consultancy services for new use cases or tweaks on existing ones- all housed in one building!

Norwich City continue to forge a reputation as one of the best clubs at developing English talent with Max Aarons and Todd Cantwell blossoming at Carrow Road

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