Mix and match Covid vaccines

Should we Mix and match Covid vaccines

A question this week on Health Check, Should we mix and match Covid vaccines.

New evidence from Sweden and France on the benefits of mixing and matching doses of different types of Covid vaccine.

The impact misinformation around treating Covid with Ivermectin is having on the Neglected Tropical diseases where the drug is known to work.

And are oat and soy milk as nutritious as cow’s milk?

BBC Health Check is Presented by: Claudia Hammond Producer: Erika Wright

(Picture: A healthcare worker holds vials of the Covaxin and Covisheld vaccines in Allika Village, India. Photo credit: Pallava Bagla/Corbis/ Getty Images.)

Other Covid News.

Coronavirus in Iran 70% affected.

Wellbeing during the Covid Pandemic and how art and gardening have saved some people’s mental health and wellbeing during Covid the pandemic.

Great news, A New Covid vaccine from Valneva produces a stronger immune response when compared to AstraZeneca.

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