SARS CoV-2 infection

SARS CoV-2 infection – the hunt is on

An international team of scientists has launched a global hunt for rare people who may be genetically resistant to SARS CoV-2 infection.

Individuals who’ve been exposed to the virus living in families where everyone else in the household got infected, who repeatedly tested negative and didn’t mount an immune response.

Claudia Hammond speaks to immunologist Evangelos Andreakos, part of the team at the Biomedical Research Foundation in Athens about this fascinating quest.

And Claudia hears from Norway about more reassuring research into Covid vaccination in pregnancy.

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(Picture: A woman walking on the streets of Manhattan, New York City. Photo credit: Lechatnoir/Getty Images.)

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SARS and CoV-2 Science In Action recently reported on tests on patients for up to 8 months following their infection with SARS and CoV-2 suggests an immune response can persist.

And, In 2020 Vietnam ran a successful track and trace system Covid in Vietnam, with very few coronavirus infections and for a long time no deaths at all, while other countries had thousands.

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